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Kanna Survey

Player Name: Anzy
Age: 24
Time Zone: EST
Characters Played: Asuka Tenjoin

How long have you been roleplaying?Online for more than ten years

Is there a style of writing or point of view that you prefer? Not really, whatever best suits the thread

Do you have any goals you wish to accomplish in this game? (i.e. Improving writing, making friends, experimenting with writing styles, etc.)Having an enjoyable experience, meeting new people, and growing as a writer

Any weird/interesting quirks, as a writer/roleplayer? I tend to enjoy writing action scenes, and I tend to favor threads that involve exploration or overcoming challenges in creative ways. I also tend to write long introspective posts when I get into something, so please don’t feel like I expect tags of a similar length in return

Do you have any squicks or things you absolutely would not do with your character? The only thing I can think of at the moment is I will not thread anything resembling sexual assault with my characters. I feel that I lack the perspective and skill to do justice to an issue as important and sensitive as that, and that it would therefore be in better taste to simply abstain from the subject altogether.

Are there any things in particular you want to explore with your character?I would like to give Asuka the chance to show her strength and skill in a way she was not allowed to in her original series. I would also like to explore her relationships with her canon mates, as well as discover what new relations she will form outside her canon, and how that will influence her character. Finally I would like her to learn new skills that will help her overcome some of the character dilemmas she faced in her canon

What kind of themes/tropes interest you as a writer?I love themes of friendship and the bond that forms between friends, ideas of sacrifice and morality, when characters are able to overcome challenges through use of guile and wit and using the abilities they do have in creative ways. I also tend to like action and adventure, as well as mysteries and investigation, favoring pulp and noir tropes.

Anything else we should know about you? I’m going through a rather busy point in my life for the next month or so, and sometimes that can affect tag speed. If you need me to tag somewhere in order for your own character to progress, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will get right on it.

Character NameAsuka Tenjoin
Canon:Yugioh GX
Sexuality:Self-identified Heterosexual. She has only displayed hints of romantic interest in boys in canon, though she has consciously suppressed herself romantically and sexually up until now, and thus may still be discovering her sexual identity.
Relationship Status:Single

1. Is your character religious or believe in gods? Asuka has never made mention of any religious inclinations in canon, though it is likely that as a teenage Japanese girl she was brought up with a mixture of Shinto, Buddhist, and a few Christian religious influences

2. How affectionate is your character/receptive to affection? Asuka is a warm and friendly person, however in terms of physical affection she is rather reserved unless she is particularly close to a person. Thus she is likely to be uncomfortable, and even upset, by someone she does not know well violating her personal boundaries, and is unlikely to be physical with them in return

3. Bad habits She has a tendency to buckle, though not break, when faced with situations she cannot overcome with rational thought and careful planning. She can also sometimes be a bit of a tease or overly stern and bossy

4. Biggest fear Becoming a useless helpless princess destined only to be left behind as a trophy for those who actually change the world

5. Biggest regretNot overcoming the Orb of Sadness, and in doing so letting herself be used as a tool to help break Judai.

6. Your character has three wishes. What do they wish for? Why? 1) Peace for her friends, because they’ve already endured so much danger and trials already, they deserve some happiness. 2) For the power to protect those she loves, because she’s had to watch helplessly while others get hurt too many times before. 3) To have the resources and time to best inspire the next generation’s curiosity and desire to learn how to improve themselves.

7. Name something your character would never do. Allow herself to be forced into a role based on other’s perceptions of how she should be. For example, when her brother and teacher tried to make her into a school idol, she fought them tooth and nail.

8. What would be the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to your character? Making a fool of herself over her crush on Judai.

9. Name up to five superpowers you wish your character could have, and explain why. I would love to give her the power to bring her cards to life, as I feel that her deck represents her and her approach to life, it would present a lot of interesting story telling possibilities, and it would also make it easier to take the whole card games for the fate of the world thing more seriously. I would also be interested in giving her ice powers, as in the manga she has a sort of ice motif that I feel works very well both visually and symbolically for her. Finally, I would like to give her the powers of telepathy and mental projection, as they would allow her to use her own technical knowledge and tactical skills to coordinate and help others, as well as allowing her to better help in healing the psychological damage that is inflicted on her loved ones.

10. What kind of deity would you like your character to encounter, and why? See Deities for more information. Here is another list of deities. Amaterasu-ou-mikami. Amaterasu in many ways embodies the sort of person Asuka herself hopes to be. Despite being a woman and not a first born, she has risen to a place of great importance where she has the ability to positively impact the lives of those around her. Asuka herself is a younger sister and woman in a very male focused society, and would likely be inspired by Amaterasu’s example. Amaterasu is also patient, forgiving, and strong, and does not allow herself to be simply dismissed, all attributes I feel Asuka would admire. I feel their interaction would be an interesting one, especially if Asuka did not first notice any of Amaterasu’s less admirable qualities.